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Bob is the son of Rudd Weatherwax, the original owner and trainer of Lassie. Bob was born on June 4, 1941, exactly one year to the day after "Pal" was born, the dog who made movie history by portraying Lassie in seven MGM films.
     Bob & Pal
Bob grew up, surrounded by some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood history. He was the only child who could truthfully say that his family pet was the real Lassie. In fact, at home, Lassie was assigned the job of being Bob's babysitter!

Bob has spent his whole life in the entertainment/dog training business. As a child, he had duties in his father's kennels and was often called on to assist in training - even if only to stand still while Lassie or another working dog learned a routine. Later, after serving his country in the US Army, Bob returned home to California where he followed in his father’s footsteps to became a Hollywood dog trainer. He apprenticed under his father on the Lassie TV series and then developed his own career as a dog trainer for movies and television. At his father's death, Bob carried on his father's legacy of breeding and training several more generations of Lassie.

Bob's filmography includes: Aftershock, Back to the Future series, Big Jake, The Borrowers, David Copperfield specials, FBI Untold Stories, Harry and the Hendersons, Joshua's Heart, Lassie Best Friends are Forever, Life Goes On, The Magic of Lassie, Married with Children, Moment by Moment, The New Lassie series. Poltergeist II, Racing with the Moon, Red Dwarf, Roseanne, See You in the Morning, Simon and Simon, Skeezer, Stone Fox, The Watchers II, and Who's the Boss.

        Lassie VII & O.J. (Einstein from " Back to the Future")

Bob Weatherwax

The Weatherwax Legacy: Dog Training the Weatherwax Way
Lassie and many of Hollywood's most famous canine stars

    UPDATED JUNE 15, 2017



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Four Feet to Fame: A Hollywood Dog Trainer’s Journey, IS NOW AVAILABLE!

“The book will take the reader on an epic Hollywood journey,” said Richard Lester, who co-wrote the memoir based on personal interviews with Bob Weatherwax.

“We will follow Rudd Weatherwax’s stunning career, from the earliest days of film-making in Los Angeles to the glory days of the weekly Lassie TV show.

In the process, we will meet the Weatherwax family, and share their triumphs and sorrows.


We will discover their successes and misfortunes, and ultimately become uplifted by one man’s strong determination to be the very best dog trainer the world has ever known.”



According to Bob Weatherwax, Rudd’s son and co-writer, “This book will appeal to readers on so many levels in varying degrees - humorous, heroic, heart-warming, and tragic.   Nostalgia? You bet! It is a story that can hardly wait to be told.”


Beverly Washburn, child star of Old Yeller, wrote the Foreword.


Rounding out the team behind the scenes are Gary Lester, and Barb and Joe Santorsa from Weatherwax Trained Dogs.


“We are delighted that our book has been accepted for publication by BearManor Media,” said Richard Lester. “They specialize exclusively in the best stories coming out of the glory days of the Hollywood movie studios. There could be no better publisher, especially now that we will look into beginning the process of having the book brought to the big screen.”


For a preview of the type of material you will see in the book, check out Gary Lester’s award-winning documentary, The Weatherwax Legacy, on the Internet Movie Data Base -- IMDb (; search The Weatherwax Legacy).


For further information, please contact www.weatherwaxtrained





For a preview of the type of material you will see in the book, check out Gary Lester’s award-winning documentary, The Weatherwax Legacy, on the Internet Movie Data Base -- IMDb (; search