Bob Weatherwax

Exhibition of Weatherwax Family Treasures





The Bob Weatherwax Collection of Cinematic and Television Memorabilia

Plans for the exhibition and permanent display of the Bob Weatherwax Collection will invite visitors to step into the life of America's first family of elite animal trainers and immerse themselves in their world.

The Weatherwax family of trainers were one of the most influential figures within the cinematic and television era, whose emotional connection of training became a global phenomenon and remains one of cinema's most iconic legacy.

The preservation of Bob's personal catalog items and those donated by worldwide collectors will represent the culmination of a dream for fans,  years in the making.

The Collection will showcase Bob's personal memorabilia, and those items donated by collectors  including special items that have never been seen by the public will be

Dedicated to the preservation, restoration, documentation, exhibition and study of motion pictures and television, the Bob Weatherwax Collection will be home to one of the most sentimental motion picture collections in the world.

Bob and the Weatherwax  family will remain familiar both in Hollywood and in the homes of fans around the world.